Reflecting on 2021

This post involves reflecting on 2021. 2021 was a year of incredible self-discovery. I was seeking peace, and by taking several steps of obedience, I gained the peace my soul had been seeking. That peace came from the Lord. 

First, I learned how to be my own advocate. I took time off to slow down and rest in order to fully recover from surgery. During my leave, I heard several nudges from God. One nudge was to evaluate my priorities in life. I had to let go of certainty and embrace the unknown. I decided to leap into the unknown and resigned from my teaching position. While it was incredibly scary, I had a sense of peace knowing that I was acting in obedience.  

After my decision to resign, I was blessed to find a new position that aligned with my priority to put myself and my family first. God knew this was what I needed! Being a nanny to an incredible family has been so rewarding and fulfilling! It has also allowed the space needed to follow the second nudge I heard from God. 

In February, I felt a call to start writing for God. What started out as daily encouragement posts on Instagram, led me to discover a group for Christian writers called Compel. I embarked on this new season and enrolled in training courses and found a community of fellow writers to cheer me on. 

Then in October, I launched my blog Never in a million years did I think I’d have a blog, but God had other plans!

Finally, in November and December, I felt another nudge. This time around, I returned to making my physical health a priority. I began an anti-inflammatory diet. This decision came after being tired of feeling sick and tired! Not only has my physical health been improving, but my mental health is also growing. I’ve had the clarity needed to look at some difficult areas that I need to heal from. God is doing a work within me! 

Reflecting on the past year has allowed me to see just how much the Lord moved in my life. I’m walking into 2022 with the strength to let go of anything that is holding me back from fully experiencing all that the Lord has for me. His strength is all I need.

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  1. I’ll be praying for you through this journey! We’ve had a similar nudge! I love reading of your obedience to the Lord and your willingness to serve! I look forward to reading future post!

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