Flourish Friday 

Slow Down and Discover

What makes your soul come alive?

“We were created to create.” Kimberly Phinney at The Way Back 2 Ourselves has constructed a community of creators who are longing for a “quieter more creative life that is rooted in a creator-God who loves us and reveals himself through the divine beauty evident in our relationships, artistic expressions, natural surroundings, existential quandaries, and diverse experiences.”

This past Monday I had the opportunity to join in on a monthly community call with other faithful creators in the TWBTO community. I tangibly experienced a sense of authenticity and a space to belong. A fellow creative, Matt Nash describes this monthly meeting as a “place and space that is holy ground and everyone here has a gift to share and belongs!” 

During this session, we had time to free write, and my soul was able to pen out a battle cry prayer for 2024. I am honored to share it with you. 


This year Lord, help me believe

Believe- I am enough.

Believe- I am strong.

Believe- I am worthy.

Believe- I am chosen. 

Believe- Your grace is sufficient.

Believe- I will overcome

Believe- You are making all things new!

Believe- My story matters.

Believe- I have forgiven myself and others

Believe- The best is yet to come.

As another week comes to a close, I challenge you to slow down this weekend and savor the simple things in your life. The world can wait. When we slow down the pace of life, we can discover what makes our souls come alive. 

Also, if you are interested in learning more about The Way Back 2 Ourselves, you can head to @thewayback2ourselves on Instagram, or visit www.thewayback2ourselves.com. 

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